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Thirty Days of Meryl

sixty years of greatness

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Happy 60th Birthday Meryl!
Thirty Days of Meryl

June 22, 2009 will be the fabulous Meryl Streep's 60th birthday and in honor of that momentous day, we've decided to do "The Thirty Days of Meryl!" Simply put, it's a gift exchange to our favorite goddess/actress. All participants must sign up, but no worries, it's open to all.

To Sign Up

On March 5, 2009, there will be a form posted on the community. Simply fill it out via comment to the post. All forms will be due no later than 11pm est on March 10th. Our goal is to have at least 60 participants, but more are certainly welcome. This exchange will not be limited to fanfics. If you make graphics, fanvids, fanmixes, etc., please don't hesitate to sign up. We'd love to see what you can come up with.

The Rules
1. You must be a member of the community. Membership is mod approved only for the time being (This is subject to change closer to the sign-up date.). Only participants will be allowed to post in the community. If you do not wish to participate, but still want to read/view the gifts, please feel free to watch the community.

2. Gifts should be related to Meryl Streep's work: theater, television or film. AU stories are acceptable if it contains at least one of Meryl's characters.

3. In the event of RPFs, be mindful that these are not fictional characters and proper disclaimers are required.

4. Stories should be at least 1,000 words in length. Longer is better (this is especially true for you, La Telanu).

5. Gifts are due on May 15. You must send an email to grdnofevrythng @ maiacat523@yahoo.com, to let her know that your gift is done. Once all of the gifts are received, you will receive an email letting you know the date to post your gift.

6. Gifts must be posted on the date if you are assigned. If you are unable to post your own gift for whatever reason, contact the moderators to make alternate arrangements. We'll be more than happy to post your gift for you.

7. Have fun!